FD-720 Moisture Determination Balance

by igms posted Mar 07, 2019


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Extra Form
제품명 FD-720 Moisture Determination Balance
기능 This machine is designed for measuring the moisture content of raw materials or solid matters.
Measure Method Heated drying weight measurement method
Sample Weight 0.5~120g (Optional weight sampling)
Weight Reading Limit 5~40℃ . 85%RH
Measure Range 0~100% (wet basis, and solid ingredient)0~500%(dry basis)
External output RS-232C
Display Fomat LCD (137*43mm)
Heat Source 625 Wmedium wave, and infrared heating tube)
Dimension ( W×D×H ) 220 × 415 × 190 mm
Weight 5 kg
Power 1∮, AC 100~127/220~ 240V

▌Designed by KETT in Japan.